Student Gallery

  • The Design of Soil Revitalization in Port Project

  • Concept and Design – Nidus Custodian Building

  • Concept and Design – Bibaconian Campus

  • Concept and Design – Anthophila Tower

  • Analysis of Type “X” Bracing on Irregular Structure (Case Study on Building J PKN STAN)

  • Study of Construction Project Monitoring Optimization with Point Cloud based Scanning to BIM Systems (Case Study: Semantok DAM, Nganjuk, East Java)

  • Characteristic of Seabed Current Velocity Changes around Submarine Pipeline due to Variation of Seabed Current in Transition Depth

  • Study of Flow Characteristic of Side Channel Spillway at Flood Control Dry Dam

  • Evaluation of the Surrounding Traffic Due to the New Parking Lot of Rusun TOD Pondok Cina Station Project

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