Course Structure for Binusian 2026

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 CHAR6013013 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
MATH6014013 Calculus I 4
SCIE6004013 Physics I 4
SCIE6014013 Chemistry for Civil Engineering* 2
CIVL6108013 Drawing Construction* 2
CIVL6001013 Introduction to Civil Engineering* 2
LANG6027013 Indonesian 2
COMP6045013 Algorithm & Programming 2
Foreign Language Courses 0
2 CHAR6014013 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 20
SCIE6028013 Physics II 4/2
MATH6160013 Calculus II 2
CIVL6085013 Statics*&** 4
CIVL6086013 Engineering Geology* 2
ENTR6509001 Entrepreneurship: Ideation 2
STAT6147013 Statistics Method 2
Foreign Language Courses 0
3 CHAR6015013 Character Building: Agama 2 19
MATH6072013 Numerical analysis 2
CIVL6109013 Integrated Pre-Construction Laboratory 1
MATH6022013 Engineering Mathematics I 4
CIVL6073013 Mechanics of Materials** 2
CIVL6113013 Soil Mechanics*&** 4
CIVL6135013 Structural Analysis* 2
CIVL6144013 Construction Project Management*,**&*** 2
Foreign Language Courses 0
4 MATH6161013 Engineering Mathematics II 2 22
CIVL6114013 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics*&** 4
CIVL6054013 Traffic Engineering* 2
CIVL6110013 Integrated Infrastructure Material Laboratory 1
CIVL6140013 Theory and Design of Steel Structures*** 2/1
Foreign Language Courses 0
Minor Program 10
Free Electives 10
5 CIVL6025013 Hydrology*&** 2 19
CIVL6075013 Theory and Design of Concrete Structures* 2/1
ENTR6511001 Entrepreneurship: Market Validation 2
CIVL6027013 Highway Engineering*&** 2/1
CIVL6087013 Foundation Engineering*&** 2/1
MATH6212013 Numerical Methods 2
Elective Subjects: Computer Application****
COMP6043013 Computer Applications in Structural Engineering* 2
COMP6044013 Computer Applications in Geotechnical Engineering* 2
COMP6046013 Computer Applications in Construction Management 2
Elective Subjects: Infrastructure in CE****
CIVL6007013 Harbour Engineering* 2
CIVL8056013 Bridge Engineering* 2
CIVL6035013 Airport Engineering* 2
CIVL6037013 Railway Engineering* 2
CIVL8038013 Soil Improvement Method 2
CIVL6015013 Geosynthetics Application in Civil Engineering 2
CIVL6030013 Environmental Engineering 2
CIVL6002013 Case Study in Civil Engineering 2
CIVL6134013 Project Planning & Controlling 2
CIVL6141013 Coastal Engineering 2
CIVL6142013 River Engineering 2
CIVL6143013 Finite Element Methods 2
6 Enrichment Program I 20 20
7 Enrichment Program II 20 20
8 CIVL6123013 Pre-Thesis 2 6
CIVL6124013 Thesis 4
CIVL6005013 Thesis 6
Total Credits 146 SCU

   *)  This course is delivered in English
  **)  Global Learning System Course
***)  Entrepreneurship Embedded
****) Elective Subjects Infrastructure in CEStudents should choose two credits from each elective courses list.

 Minor/Free Electives:
-) For 4th Semester: Students are required to choose minor program or free electives. For Free Electives, students are required to choose from the list of Free Electives in Appendix.

Foreign Language Courses:
-) Students will take foreign language courses according to BINUS University English proficiency test results. See foreign language courses appendix for the details.
-) Students must pass English Savvy with a minimum Grade of C.

Pre-thesis (2 SCU) & Thesis (4 SCU) can be taken in the 6th and/or 7th semester by the students who meet the requirements from the Study Program/Program

Enrichment Program I (6th Semester) & Enrichment Program II (7th Semester):
-) Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus).

Enrichment Track Scheme

Track Semester 6 Semester 7
1 v v
2 v v
3 v v
4 v v
5 v v
6 v v
7 v v
8 v v
9 v v
10 v v


IN            : Certified Internship
RS           : Certified Research
EN           : Certified Entrepreneurship
CD          : Certified Community Development
SA           : Certified Study Abroad
IS            : Certified Specific Independent Study
FS           : Further Study
etc           : Study Program Special Purposes

Student will take one of enrichment program tracks

Students are required to take the Internship track on the Enrichment Program I or Enrichment Program II with one of the following courses: CIVL6125013 – Technical Design in Civil Engineering or CIVL6126013 – Technical Project, which is a Capstone Project with minimum 8 credits.