In the digital transformation era that has changed almost every aspect of human life, the education sector must also adapt to prepare future generations to face the complexities and dynamics of the modern world. As centers of higher education, universities are responsible for producing individuals with the skills, understanding, and perspectives relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.
Therefore, the emergence of the concept of a “futuristic university” was initiated to create an educational environment that is innovative, sustainable, and adaptive to changing times. Combining the latest technology, personalized education, global collaboration, and a skill-oriented approach, this project is expected to produce graduates ready to face challenges while upholding humanistic and ethical values.

In planning this project, writers also pay attention to the urgency of climate change that is getting higher. This world needs to increase awareness of the development of buildings that focus on the concept of “green building.” This environmentally friendly idea relates to building design, construction, and operation that promotes resource conservation, environmental sustainability, and low environmental impact (Widiati, 2019).
The parameters used to assess the achievement of a building to be considered a “green building” are based on the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system originating from the United States of America.

Created by students:

-Ignatius Adjie Putra Yulianto
-Jesslyn Megan
-Muhammad Farhan Diaz
-Stephanie Rachel Khosasih
-Vanessa Andreas
-Zianur Rahman Agya