Name               : Muhamad Sami
Student ID       : 2001590240

Abstract. The lateral force resulting from an earthquake will increase the burden that must be borne by a building, therefore earthquake loads have a large role in testing the durability and stability of a building. Failure in a building can occur due to lateral displacement that occurs beyond the transfer of permits that have been set to the applicable standard. Some techniques can be used in overcoming failure in a building (retrofitting), one of which is using bracing. This study aims to determine the effect of 1 floor X and 2 floor X bracing by varying the modeling or location of placement of bracing on lateral displacement and internal forces in the building understudy for seismic retrofitting. Structural geometry modeling was made using the ETABS application with earthquake load analysis using dynamic response spectrum analysis. The results show that the addition of type X bracing can reduce the lateral displacement between floors which occurs up to 32.77% for the X direction and 33.75% for the Y direction. In the cross-section of the beam, the reduction in internal forces can reduce the DCR value in the beam while in The cross-section of the column, the internal force has decreased but the column which is attached to the bracing system showed an increase in internal force which causes an increase in the DCR value.