Student Research

  • A Numerical Study of Overtopping Wave on Dike

  • Site Visit: Sanur Port

  • Characteristic of Seabed Current Velocity Changes around Submarine Pipeline due to Variation of Seabed Current in Transition Depth

  • Collaboration with PKN STAN: Initial Survey

  • Study of Flow Characteristic of Side Channel Spillway at Flood Control Dry Dam

  • Evaluation of the Surrounding Traffic Due to the New Parking Lot of Rusun TOD Pondok Cina Station Project

  • Amount Beam Reinforcement Analysis with Software ETABS (Thamrin Nine Tower Project Phase 1)

  • Comparative Analysis of Pile Foundation’s Bearing Capacity with Several Methods based on CPT and SPT Result (Thamrin Nine Tower Project Phase 1)

  • Earned Value Analysis

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