Moisture Analysis of Asphalt Mixture with The Addition of Waterproofing Admixture

Name               : Rizma Winna Ananditha
Student ID       : 1801438441

Abstrak. The flexible pavement layer is very vulnerable to damage due to moisture or water, excessive moisture in the flexible pavement layer can cause damage before the planned time. To improve the quality of flexible pavement layers, the asphalt mixture can be modified by adding additives. This study aims to determine the type of anti-stripping agent and the type of aggregate that has the most influence on improving the quality of the asphalt mixture. There are 3 tests in this study, Marshall Test, Cantabro Loss Test, and Indirect Tensile Strength. From the result of Marshall Test results obtained if the addition of Wetfix-BE is the most effective, from the results of Cantabro Loss Test testing obtained if the most Hydrated Lime addition, from the results Indirect Tensile Strength test obtained if the addition of Wetfix-BE is the most effective, and the results of Tensile Strength Ratio obtained if the use of Wetbond-SP is the most effective. The test results show that the addition of Hydrated Lime has a performance that is not much different compared to WetfixBE and Wetbond-SP.