Name               : Muhammad Rizky Elyano
Student ID       : 2001608105

Abstract. Lack of integration in the design of construction project planning, often resulting in clashes between elements. The purpose of this study was to analyze the number and causes of clashes between structural design, precast design, and MEP design for warehousing projects. Then the quantity take-off analysis will be carried out after resolving the clashes. In this study, BIM-based software was used namely Revit® 2020 and Navisworks® Manage 2020. The results of this study found that the number of clashes for the Structural vs Precast components was 289 clashes, for Structural vs MEP components were 191 clashes, and for Precast vs MEP, components were 42 clashes. The cause of clashes with the highest percentage was caused by design error (52.36%), followed by design inconsistency (39.13%), and the last was a design discrepancy (8.51%). Based on the calculation of cost changes, a potential saving can be made for HCS panel material as much as IDR 3,752,434,165.97 and for ducting pipe material as much as IDR 396,775,512.21 of the initial cost.