Published Article

[en] Rapid assessment for housing in Indramayu, West Java-Indonesia

[en] Integration building information modeling (BIM) to track the time for controlling of budget and labor productivity (Case Study: Warehouse Project)

[en] Pipeline installation using horizontal directional drilling method (HDD)

[en] Risk factors analysis affecting project time delay in construction projects using CATWOE analysis

[en] Analysis on risk management of occupational health and safety on ongoing building project

[en] Analysis on construction services laws for civil engineering projects on building failures

[id] Analisis Undang Undang yang Mengatur Jasa Konstruksi Indonesia Terhadap Pengguna dan Penyedia Jasa Konstruksi

[en] Study Of Model Design Changes On Volume And Superposition Using Building Information Modelling – Based Technology

[en] Study of Modeling Method Selection in Flood Discharge Calibration Using HEC-HMS Software

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