To accelerate the work of the toll road project located in the area of DKI Jakarta – West Java, it takes accuracy in choosing heavy equipment it is very important because it can affect the productivity of the tool, this time the tool suitable for excavation work is the excavator. the purpose of this study is to compare between the two types of tools in terms of product, work time and operational costs incurred by the project, after being calculated it is determined which excavator is more efficient in terms of cost and time for the locations reviewed. Based on observations on the field and calculations that have been done, the results are obtained for the volume of soil excavation at the location reviewed by 578.34 m3 and for type A excavator’s obtained productivity of 171.86 m3/ hour with a working time of 8 days and requires operational costs of Rp. 31,856,000, – and for type B excavators obtained productivity of 109.95m3/ hour with a working time of 12 days and requires operational costs of Rp. 28,184,000, -.