Published Article

[en] Seismic performance analysis of retrofitting building structure with type X bracing

[en] Improving the robustness of steel frame structures under localised fire conditions

[en] Pushover analysis of reinforced concrete building seismically designed based on SNI 1726-2019

[en] Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Pervious Concrete that Using the Fragments of Ceramics and Roof Tiles

[en] Rainwater quality improvement using zeolite, activated carbon, limestone and preheated 400°C limestone

[id] Analisis Respons Dinamik Pelat Lantai Bangunan Ortotropik dengan Dua Pengaku yang Diberi Beban Ledakan

[en] The assessment of Urban Storm Inundation

[en] Value engineering application in a high rise building (a case study in Bali)

[en] Spatial Data and Catchment Discretization for Assessment Coastal Urban Drainage Performance Using GIS and MIKE URBAN-SWMM

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