The purpose of this study was to determine how much cost would be incurred and to analyse the difference in price by using three formworks’ methods, they are: the conventional method (According to Ministry Guide Num 1 Year 2022 and PT. Hutama Karya), the System Method with Multiplex and with phenolic film materials (According to Ministry Guide Num 1 Year 2022 and PT. Hutama Karya). This paper also included the analysis of using aluminium formwork method, but it was not the focus of this research. This analysis will also express the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods. Data used for this research was obtained from shop drawing and calculations provided by PT. Hutama Karya (shortened as PT HK), with the prices for materials and wages for the West Java Region gathered from the Unit Price Journal. For cost estimation (calculation), the Ministry Guide Number 1 Year 2022 was used as guidance. The results of this analysis showed that the formwork with “system” Method using Phenolic film is the most economical formwork method in this study, this is because the type of formwork can be used not only multiple times, but also in buildings with varied column types.