The concept of green buildings evolved and gained momentum rapidly in all nations. Nearly 40% of total CO2 emissions and more than a third of global energy consumption come from the building and construction sector. The application of Green Building is recognized to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Awareness of the importance of implementing Green Building is needed to support the successful implementation of the Green Building concept. The purpose of this research is to analyse the level of awareness of stakeholders in construction (how well they understand green building and its regulations, how important they think green building is) and find out in what way they gain an understanding of the green building concept. Questionnaires were distributed to various stakeholders and analyzed with descriptive statistics. The result shows that Indonesian people who work in construction environments already know and are aware of the concept of Green Building. However, they still lack an understanding of regulations and consider government support necessary. Until now, they have gained an understanding of green buildings through lectures and the media.