A flyover builds to solve traffic problems in several areas. Girder often uses in flyover construction, but the use of Corrugated Foam Mortar Pusjatan is relatively new in Indonesia. This study aims to compare the cost and time of flyover construction using two different methods, Corrugated Foam Mortar and Girder. The comparison did for the same structural length of flyover 983.5 m. As a result, The Corrugated Foam Mortar method costs Rp. 46,463,841,131.40 and needs 201 days for completion, while the Girder costs Rp. 71,313,005,779.77 and needs 436 days. Based on the results, the Corrugated Foam Mortar method is 34% cheaper about Rp. 24,849,169,648.37 and 54% faster, with a time difference of 235 days faster than the girders. The cause of the biggest cost difference is material cost.