Construction Services Laws are legislation used to govern all manners of construction services. This research was taken in Jakarta, Indonesia. Laws used in this research are Law Number 18 of 1999 about Construction Services and Law Number 2 of 2017 about Construction Services. With the shift of Construction Services Law, of course there are several differences, changes, revision, and inclusion and exclusion of past laws. This changes and differences were analysed to improve the current running Construction Services Law for the future. This research uses two methods, which are literature study and study using questionnaire through observations and interviews. Variables and questions for the questionnaire were formed from study of literature, past researches and Construction Services Laws discussed in this paper. Results from the questionnaire was analysed using a computer program, IBM SPSS Statistics 23. Using that program, the data from the results were tested for its validity and reliability. And it was analysed using correlation analysis and factor analysis. From the analysis it was concluded that there are two factors that needs to be improved, the two factors are: regulation about building failure is not explained well enough, and the lack of regulation about Expert Assessor. Through these results, the construction services law can be improved and prevent environmental health damage caused by building failure that was caused by problems in construction services. These environmental health damage caused by building failure have negative impact to environmental health and safety of the surrounding area, whether from emission or toxic pollutants.