The project budget is an interpretation of the budget issued to work on a project. However, each analysis can be used as a guide for budgeting construction costs. Therefore, this study compared the three cost guidelines to find the right guideline as a cost guideline. The method used is to compare AHSP with actual costs, ministerial regulations 2022, and ministerial regulations 2016. Then compare the total construction costs according to the three guidelines. The results of the actual analysis of the value are Rp. 101,535,322,950, the results of the analysis of the ministerial regulations in 2022 are Rp. 99,854,698,097, and the value of the 2016 ministerial regulations is Rp. 102,098,512,409 Proving that the ministerial regulation 2022 has the most economical price compared to other guidelines. Therefore, this method should be used as a guide for cost planning in construction. Because the actual has a large coefficient, so it must be able to adjust to the guidelines or AHSP for the calculation of other projects in the Tangerang area.