This construction material technology laboratory manual is designed as a guide for
students and professionals in the field of civil engineering to understand the
fundamental principles and practical applications of concrete technology. The manual
covers a wide range of topics, from the properties of raw materials used in concrete to
the testing and evaluation of concrete samples.

Test procedures, sometimes simplified because of time limitation, are mostly
those outlined by the Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) and the American Society for
Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

The manual is organized in a clear and logical manner, making it easy to follow
and understand. Each chapter includes a brief introduction to the topic, followed by
detailed explanations of the theory and procedures involved.

We hope that this manual will serve as a valuable resource for anyone
interested in learning more about concrete technology and its applications in the
construction industry. Whether you are a student just starting out in the field or a
seasoned professional looking to brush up on your knowledge, this manual will
provide you with the information you need to succeed.

Comment and suggestions about the text and instructor’s manual are welcome:

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