On February 12, 2024, SMA Islam Al-Azhar 3 Jakarta hosted Career Day, organized by Binus University. The event served as a platform to introduce high school students to the Civil Engineering program offered by Binus University and to shed light on the potential career opportunities in this field.

The day commenced with a warm welcome from the school’s head, expressing hopes for the event to benefit the students. Following the welcome address, students were divided into groups and guided through presentations by enthusiastic faculty members, showcasing the curriculum, facilities, and career pathways available in Civil Engineering.

In addition to presentations, the event featured exhibitions, Q&A sessions, and inspiring alumni success stories. These activities aimed to inspire and motivate students while providing insights into the real-world applications of their studies. Overall, Career Day successfully achieved its goal of familiarizing high school students with Binus University’s Civil Engineering program and encouraging them to explore future career paths in this field.