On October 14, 2023, CENTS successfully held the seminar with the theme of Innovation in Construction where technology has completely changed how construction works. It has made a big impact on how projects are planned and carried out, making everything more efficient. The improvements in construction technology don’t just make things faster but also make them safer and better in terms of quality and sustainability. The construction industry faces challenges like not knowing the exact costs and timelines, concerns about the quality and safety of the work, and issues with managing resources effectively. To tackle these problems, we need a comprehensive and creative approach. Technology comes to the rescue with innovations like digital mapping, robotics, and prefabrication, making construction faster and cheaper. Additionally, using sensors and monitoring tools increases safety by giving early warnings, and reducing the chances of accidents. Embracing these technological changes can transform the construction industry positively, bringing various important benefits.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed speakers, Mr. Gary Djojo, Mr. Dodik Marseno, and Mr. Albert Lim Lum Kong for sharing invaluable insights and expertise during the seminar.