In pursuit of the vision of the Civil Engineering department, which aims to achieve sustainable infrastructure in serving and building the nation through research and the application of advanced digital technology, it is expected that every Civil Engineering graduate will be capable of innovating through research and proficiently utilizing renewed technology. This will enable the graduates to compete effectively in the global area.

The laboratory space stands as a crucial facility in enabling Civil Engineering students to comprehend and apply the knowledge in their field. With the rapidly advancing technology in the civil engineering world, such as Building Management Modeling (BIM) and Remote Sensing utilizing sophisticated tools like Drones for problem identification, time and cost efficiency, project mapping, and supervision; BINUS Civil Engineering has been striving to provide adequate tools to support students in utilizing technology-based laboratory facilities. These facilities are not solely intended for conducting practical experiments, but they also serve as a platform for fostering creativity among aspiring engineers and promoting collaboration with faculty for joint research endeavors. Consequently, this paves the way for the development of outstanding works that contribute to the nation’s technological progress in the future.


Surveying Practicum

Soil Mechanics Practicum

Highway Engineering Material Practicum

Traffic Engineering Practicum

Student Project

point cloud-based (case study: bendungan semantok)


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