Transparent aluminium or aluminium oxynitride (AION) is a compound of aluminium, oxygen and nitrogen, which is a solid mass of transparent ceramic. Transparent aluminium is a crystalline substance made from an alloy of aluminate powder. The basic concept is that this powder is compressed and heated to extreme temperatures. After some time, the material is then cooled and polished, then shaped into the desired shape.

This material, also known as ALON, has been tested to withstand bullets and is a very strong material, and of course harder than glass. That is why this material is popularly used in military projects today, such as to make armoured windows and optical lenses. Clear metal like this can be used to build glass-walled skyscrapers that are taller and require less internal support. So don’t be surprised if this material will be used more often in the near future.

The advantages of this transparent aluminium material, namely:

  1. Has four times the strength of tempered glass
  2. Has a texture that is harder than sapphire by 85%
  3. Has a high melting point of – 2150 °C
  4. Has a high degree of resistance, such as high resistance to scratches
  5. The material is optically transparent (>80%) in the ultraviolet, visible, and half-wave electromagnetic spectrum ranges.
  6. ALON materials are also not affected by ionizing radiation (radiation), are not damaged or deformed under the influence of chemical compounds of acids, alkalis and water.

Currently transparent aluminium has not been widely used in the commercial field. One of the main reasons is the high cost. The cost of producing the new material is several times higher than the cost of traditional bulletproof glass. At present, transparent aluminium materials are mainly used in the field of manufacturing lenses for observation devices and missile sensors.


Author: I Komang Pratyaksa Wicaksana & Evan Reinaldo