Every year, there is a greater need for homes. As the amount of development rose, so does the demand for necessary construction materials. The use of bricks in buildings that are either non-structural or structural necessitates the enhancement of the product. Many bricks have been produced in various layouts, mixes, and shapes to increase the quality of the bricks as the stone business has grown. According to field observations, red bricks are still being used in many structures because of their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This brick can be found in many historic brick-making industries, particularly in rural regions.

These “U-Lock” shaped bricks are the first conventional U-shaped bricks. In addition, the shape of the “U-Lock” brick was chosen because of the bond in the masonry, resulting in a stronger bond when paired to the conventional rectangular bricks. These “U-Lock” bricks are designed to become strong when being paired and simplifying the implementation process. If traditional rectangular bricks are to be used, it will take ages to be successfully installed. This is because approximately 60-70 bricks are required for only 1 m2 of masonry. However, if U-Lock-shaped bricks are being used instead, the installation process becomes faster since it doesn’t require a lot of bricks.

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