In this era of development civilization, many variation of material is used in construction such as iron, wood, steel, rock, etc. Although have many variations, the best of steel for earthquake resistant building is irreplaceable. Steel has played a vital role in construction and made from alloy of iron, composed with carbon in range of 0.03% to 1.075%. The reason steel structure is made a good structure to use in building earthquake-resistant houses is because steel structures are generally more flexible and lighter than other types of structures. Because the earthquake force are associated with inertia, this force will be related to the mass of the structure so that this steel structure can attract a larger force when an earthquake hits. Another reason that makes steel structures earthquake resistant is that they tend to have more reliable seismic behavior than using other materials. because the characteristics of steel structures is the guaranteed strength of the material, as a result of controlled production and designs and constructions made by professionals.

In steel building structure application that have earthquake-resistance, the architectural of structure due to its vertical load is divided into primary and secondary structure that the primary is designed to carry a total force of earthquake while the secondary structure is designed to carry gravity loads of building. In addition, the secondary structures and their connections must be able to accommodate the displacement of the primary structure that responds to earthquakes while still carrying the gravity loading.


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