Hydroceramic, made by IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and was created in the Studio Digital Matter: Intelligent Construction, is an innovative material that can make room temperatures cooler. The presence of hydroceramic can replace the function of air conditioning, which reduces the indoor temperature by 5° C. The temperature can be reduced because the hydrogel absorbs water up to multiple times its weight that diminishes the temperature. The benefits of utilizing hydroceramics are clearly to decrease energy costs, for example, paying for power costs for cooling. Hydroceramic can save up to 28% electricity consumption. By reducing 28% electricity consumption, up to 56.5 kg of carbon emission could be reduced each month. Hydroceramic can be used as a low-cost alternative building technology because it is mostly made from clay and some amount of hydrogel, which makes the material cheaper.

As of now, hydroceramic structures are more maintainable and have a cooling framework that makes the structures more mainstream with lesser damage to nature, as well as makes it tougher for the business development because this composite material has low manufacturing costs and clay assets are still abundant, because of this advantage, hydroceramic can be applied in buildings.


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