For over a decade, rapid population growth has become one of the greatest challenges for government. The increasing requirements to provide houses or apartments to maintain public prosperity has caused some problems like the land deficit. Therefore, a UK-based company called ECO FLOATING HOMES offers one type of new dwelling that is by means of floating

This idea is one of the creative ideas that might solve the problem of land difficulties where we can get facilities and comfort that are almost the same as in general. The plan of this idea is to build a house on the edge of canals, river areas, lakes, even on the shore. The company also considers the selection of quality goods to design an aesthetical and comfortable house.

The building structure is design specifically with hydraulic foot aids that will stabilize the floating house and is useful when getting the house out of the water. The structure also designed to withstand high winds, storms, and floods. The energy source for this type of building comes from the solar roof that converted to electrical energy and filtration system to purify water. So far, the application of this house has been realized in a floating eco-village in Argentina and some houses in Asia.


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