A geotechnical engineer is a civil engineer that specifically studies soil, rocks, and other materials that make up the surface and subsurface of the Earth. The purpose of their work is to determine the suitability of the ground for use in construction projects and other engineering projects by analyzing its physical and mechanical characteristics.

Geotechnical Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Gathering and analysing data
  • Looking at the risk of geological hazards and making sure any factors affecting engineering works are identified and managed
  • Advising on procedures required and the suitability of construction materials
  • Using specialist computer software to create analytical 2D and 3D models
  • Consulting geological maps and aerial photographs to advise on site selection
  • Assisting with the design of built structures, using specialised computer software or calculations
  • Planning detailed field investigations by drilling and analysing samples of deposits or bedrock
  • Supervising ground investigations and budgets.