Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, student will be able to: Demonstrate Experimental Design; Analyze Data Analysis and Presentation; Perform the Ability to create good technical reports and presentations.


  1. Fine Aggregate, Osborne Reynold
  2. Coarse Aggregate, Hydraulic Bench
  3. Concrete Mix Design, Flow Through Orifice Pipe
  4. Workability, Friction Loss
  5. Mixing and Curing of Concrete, Test for Compressive Strength of Concrete, Head Loss In Pipe Caused By Change In Cross-Sectional Area, Pipe Turn (Elbow), Valve, Venturi Pipes, Orifice Pipes
  6. Case Study

Laboratory manual or guidelines are available on Binus Maya.

Concrete On-Site Practicum*

Concrete and Steel Testing Equipment

Material Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

*taken with following health and safety procedures and protocol.