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About ICE Student Chapter


In 1818, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) was founded by a small group of young engineers who gathered at a London coffee shop. Back then, the civil engineering department was not an official department by the government. Prior to the 18th century, most of the engineers were in the armed forces, therefore it was hard to find recruits. In 1820, Thomas Telford designed and built various types of infrastructure; from churches to castles, canals to harbors, and tunnels to bridges, which then leads to the queen of England, Queen Elizabeth I to award the ICE Royal Charter and declaring civil engineering as a leading institution in 1828. Over the course of two centuries, ICE is home to more than 92,000 engineers worldwide.

In 2013, the Indonesian Civil Engineering Department was trusted by ICE to form the ICE Student Chapter, which is a branch of ICE for civil engineering students in Indonesia and in 2017, ICE Student Chapter entered Bina Nusantara University and is currently an active organization. Some of the accomplishments that ICE Student Chapter Bina Nusantara has done are; Site visit, ICE 200 for 200, Civil Corner, Podcast (Ini Cerita Engineers), webinars, and many more in the distant future.

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Making the ICE Student Chapter of Bina Nusantara University as an organization that can be a forum for students to develop their potential and enrich their relationships.


  • Connect every single one of ICE members to develop a sense of belonging;
  • Expand the existence of ICE SC to the universities in Indonesia;
  • Enhancing students to become active, critical, and innovative civil engineers students by executing work programs.

For further information of ICE Student Chapter BINUS University, please visit ICE Student Chapter BINUS University on Instagram at @icescbinus