Bina Nusantara University opened its doors to several high schools from Jakarta for an exclusive tour of its state-of-the-art Civil Engineering Laboratory. The tour aimed to provide students with a firsthand experience of the cutting-edge facilities and technologies used in the field of civil engineering. As the students stepped into the lab, they were greeted by a team of enthusiastic professors and researchers who eagerly shared insights into various experiments and projects underway. From structural analysis to material testing, the students witnessed demonstrations and participated in hands-on activities, igniting their curiosity and passion for civil engineering. Moreover, they had the opportunity to interact with undergraduate and graduate students, gaining valuable insights into academic life and career prospects in the field. The tour concluded with a lively Q&A session, where students posed insightful questions and received guidance on pursuing a future in civil engineering. Overall, the lab tour served as an enriching experience, inspiring the next generation of engineers to innovate and contribute to the development of infrastructure and society.