On our recent site visit to Kemah Tabernakel Church in PIK 2, we were welcomed with open arms and warm hospitality. During our site visit to the construction project of Kemah Tabernakel Church in PIK 2, we witnessed firsthand the dedication and hard work put into bringing this vision to life. The journey to the construction site was filled with anticipation as we approached the towering structure that would soon become a place of worship and community gathering. Surrounded by the sounds of construction and the sight of workers diligently carrying out their tasks, we gained a deeper appreciation for the intricacies involved in building such a significant edifice. The project manager graciously guided us through the site, explaining the architectural plans and highlighting the milestones achieved thus far. From the laying of the foundation to the framing of the walls, every step of the construction process was meticulously executed. Despite the challenges faced along the way, the sense of purpose and enthusiasm among the team was palpable. As we left the site, we were filled with optimism and excitement for the completion of this remarkable project, which would undoubtedly serve as a beacon of faith and unity in the community for years to come.