Tuesday, 30 May 2023 — The principle of effective stress is the most important concept in soil mechanics, and was first proposed by Terzaghi in the 1930s. The second most important figure in its development was Bishop who established its significance with respect to the shear strength of soils and its application to practical problems, especially the stability of slopes. This talk will cover the roles of Terzaghi and Bishop in the development of the principle and its application to stability situations. In particular the associated roles of a total stress analysis and an analysis in terms of effective stress are described in detail. An explanation is given as to why these two methods will not give the same answer.

A final year student of civil engineering, Steven Christian, become a co-speaker that present his project entitled “Vacuum Preloading with Additional Fill (University Case Study: Project X Coal Stockyard)” in ICE Technical Webinar 30 May 2023.