April 1, 2023 – BINUS University’s Civil Engineering Program Study recently organized the 5th Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology Seminar (CENTS) on the topic of Water Infrastructure. The seminar, which was held both online and on site, brought together a diverse audience of students, lecturers, contractors, consultants, and civil/government workers, totaling up to 300 attendees.

The first speaker, Joko Nugroho from Bandung Institute of Technology, presented on the design of water infrastructure in flood mitigation. He shared his expertise in flood/river basin modeling, highlighting the importance of proper infrastructure design to mitigate the impact of floods.

The second speaker, Professor Peter Stansby from the University of Manchester, joined the seminar virtually and shared his current progress and development of M4 (Moored, MultiMode Multibody) Wave Power, a wave energy converter. Professor Stansby’s presentation was informative and engaging, providing the audience with valuable insights into the innovative technology.

The event was moderated by Hafiz Aslami, a lecturer from BINUS University’s Civil Engineering Program Study. As the moderator, he ensured that the seminar ran smoothly and that the audience had the opportunity to engage with the speakers through a Q&A session.

The seminar also featured an incredible performance by the UKM Band of BINUS, who provided entertainment for attendees during breaks in the seminar proceedings.

The 5th CENTS seminar was a huge success, providing attendees with valuable insights into the world of water infrastructure. By attending the seminar, participants were able to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field and network with other professionals in the industry.

The seminar was made possible thanks to the media partners such as BINUSTV, which aided in arranging the live stream to YouTube and Zoom, and Sipilpedia Academy, which helped in sharing the event.

In conclusion, the 5th CENTS seminar was a testament to BINUS University’s commitment to promoting knowledge-sharing and advancing the field of civil engineering. To learn more about the seminar, check out the recorded session on this video from BINUSTV.

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