As a group, Brilliant Palagian, Eriel Delano, and Gregorius Ivan Martua Raja Manik, are tasked to be site engineer in an on-going project of MRT Hub Building at Dukuh Atas.

The DUKUH MRT HUB (SIMPANG TEMU) BUILDING complements other TOD (Transit Oriented Development) infrastructure, namely the “Serambi Temu Multiguna” pedestrian bridge which has a dual function as a transit area for users of public transportation, MRT, Transjakarta, LRT Jabodebek, and online motorcycle taxis. The strategic location makes the building will later be used as an office, retail and modern market with 11 floors high and 2 basements. Simpang Temu also minimizes private vehicle parking areas, prioritizes pedestrian areas, and uses public transportation. This building was built using the concept of ‘smart green building.

as a site engineer we always accompany the Head Project Engineer in carrying out his duties such as discussion meetings with contractors, planning consultants, and other related parties in discussing the project. Every Monday we with PT. MRT Jakarta conducts Site Inspections to project sites to see progress in the field and provide advice and input to contractors. Tuesday-Friday we are at the contractor’s office to assist the contractor’s tasks and carry out a checklist of work in the field with Quality Control”