Matius Marcellino is currently interning as project officer for PT Alam Sutera Realty, Tbk. for the Elevee Apartment Project.

“During the Internship activity, I did an internship at the Elevee Apartment project, which coincidentally is currently in the stage of working on the Bored Pile foundation. For the Elevee Apartment itself, a total of 6 towers will be built, but for the first stage the foundation work will be carried out for 3 towers with a total of 835 Bored Pile points and 36 types of steel with a concrete quality of f’c 25 MPa. For the superstructure itself, it is planned to first build 2 towers with a total of 27 and 32 floors per tower. The foundation contractor for this project is PT. Dimensional Caisson. What was done during the internship was that I assisted in supervising the work on Bored Pile starting from checking the iron, checking points, measuring the depth of the Bored Pile itself, to maintaining the quality and quality of the concrete through slump tests and also concrete compressive strength tests.”