In under one group, Andiensa Hana Insyira and Ramadhan Galih Kalimasyada, are interning as quantity surveyor in on going project of Adhi-APG.

One of the projects being carried out by KSO Adhi-APG is the Merial Tower and Radiotherapy Bunker project at Pelni Hospital. This project focuses on developing inpatient and cancer treatment facilities. This construction consists of 2 basement floors and 10 main floors with a building height of 46.9 m. This project started in November 2021 and is planned to be completed in March 2023. During this internship process, students have been in the position of Quality Control where students are required to do quality checks on each building material, follow the casting process and make daily quality control reports. Students are currently in the position of being a Quantity Surveyor where students are required to calculate the volume of floors, walls and other work using AutoCAD