Binus University, Solo, 13 November 2019, Eco engineering embraces both green and ecological engineering that emphasize to protect human health and environment. The main objective of eco engineering is to develop sustainable ecosystems, sustainable water management, manufacturing processes, building design and construction, disaster management and climate change impact, smart material and communication, renewable energy, that have more ecological values as well as to restore the disrupted ecosystems and polluted environment. It challenges for engineering professionals and scientists as well as researchers and academics, to achieve this goal. The appearance of the fourth industrial revolution or IR 4.0 in the direction of automation, big data, cloud, sensors, robotics, predictive maintenance, connectivity, 3D printing, cyber security, augmented reality, digital innovation, etc., can enhanced the performance of eco engineering. Although IR 4.0 is still in its very early stages, the industry, government and academia will all have the role to introduce it for sustainable environment, engineering, energy and technology development.