ICE Technical Meeting
Monday, 14th  May 2012

Additional Information for the Holcim Presentation
“Advance Concrete in Indonesia’s Economic Development”

Current development of construction industry in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly,
largely in several major cities like Jakarta and Surabaya. Development for innovative
construction technology and its application becomes critical in supporting the construction
needs for challenging issues like energy efficiency, environmental, quality and economic
design in all sectors of Highrise, Infrastructure, Marine, Housing Construction and others.

To meet these challenges, Holcim Indonesia is engaged in the manufacturing of cement
and ready mix concrete operations in the area of Java and Bali, and we continue to develop
solutions that support construction sector to grow sustainably. Holcim’s research and
development is run by creating new products and services based on the locally available
technologies and material to deliver tailor-made and appropriate solutions and also by
applying the technology adopted from several operating countries.

Responding to unique needs of construction in Indonesia, Holcim has developed and
deliver various solutions, such as; High-Performance Concrete (High Performance Concrete
both in terms of compressive strength, Fair-face concrete (advance visual performance and
workability), ThruCrete (environmentally friendly concrete with high permeability that allows
stormwater percolate into the ground), LiteCrete (lightweight concrete that reduces heatgain
from outside, supports economical concrete structure and has the unit weight ranging from
50-60 % of normal concrete. Some of these solutions have been applied in projects and we
will continue to innovate and provide the best benefit for all parties.