Published Article

[en] Qualitative assessment of deterioration embankment dam using index condition and annual probability of failure (APF) using event tree method

[id] Evaluasi Kinerja Tampungan Waduk Selorejo Menggunakan Perangkat Lunak HEC-HMS

[en] Evaluation Of Reservoir Performance On Flood Discharge Plan Using HEC-HMS Modelling (Case Study: Selorejo Reservoir)

[en] Comparative study of Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) between Papah irrigation areas in Indonesia and Cu-Chi irrigation areas in Vietnam

[en] Priority Determination of Repairing Embankment Dam using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Case Studies: Saguling Dam and Djuanda Dam

[en] FJ.Mock Method for Hydrological model in Water Reliability Study at Jatiluhur Estate, Purwakarta

[en] Study of Modified Perforated Breakwater as Renewable Energy Device

[en] Frequency Analysis of Design-Flood Discharge Using Gumbel Distribution At Katulampa Weir, Ciliwung River

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