Road construction in Indonesia increases every year, and hence there is an increasing demand for fresh aggregates to be used as pavement layers, especially the good quality aggregates that meet all the requirements. However, it was found that there are a number of aggregates that do not meet the specifications were overlooked. This research project aims to utilize the local marginal aggregate to be used as wearing course layer in flexible pavement. Marginal aggregate is an aggregate that does not meet one or more specifications to be used as pavement materials. Marshall tests were conducted on several mixture composition to find the one that satisfy all the requirements to be used as Asphaltic Concrete-Wearing Course (AC-WC) layer. After going through a number of trial-and-error processes, it was found that, for the marginal aggregate used in this study, an asphaltic mixture with 21% of coarse aggregate, 37% of medium aggregate, 40% of fine aggregate, and 2% of filler met the required standards to be used as AC-WC layer. This research has shown the potential of marginal aggregate to be used as pavement layer and should be explored further.