Flood disaster management requires analysis and modeling, especially for the decision making of flood events. One way to analyze flood events is to use HEC-HMS software. HEC-HMS has three submodels: Loss, Transform, and Baseflow. In the flood discharge analysis, the selection of this sub-model is important because it is not certain that the method offered in this sub-model is suitable for all conditions, so it is necessary to choose which one is more suitable. Based on the results of the research, the SCS method can model well as evidenced by the good objective function values (RMSE (0.70 m; 49.05 m3 / s), Correl (0.931; 0.992), and DELTA PEAK (16.88%; 13.75%). The verification results are also show similar results (RMSE (0.63 m; 66,198 m3 / s), Correl (0.977; 0.916) and DELTAPEAK (43.04%; 32,754%). Therefore, it can conclude that the combination of benchmarking techniques that can be used for HEC-HMS modeling is the SCS curve number for losssubmodel, SCS unit hydrograph for transform submodel and Recession constant for baseflowsubmodel.