The port is a substantial coastal infrastructure where government, economic, and maritime activities take place. One of new port currently in development is in the Subang area of West Java. In planning a port, supporting buildings need to be studied further, especially seawall buildings. The stability of the seawall using Sheet Pile needs to be reviewed through the factor of safety (FS), deflection, and settlement. As such, the seawall stability for the Port of Subang is analyzed in this study by utilizing manual calculation from previous empirical equations and by using Finite Element Method based program. From the analysis results, the optimum and technically safe seawall dimensions for the Port of Subang are obtained, the dimension length of Sheet Pile is 25 m with Spun Pile 24 m with a Safety Factor of 2.05 (Manual Calculation) and 2.14 (Finite Element Method Program Analysis), Deflection 2.16 cm (Manual Calculation) and 1.98 cm (Finite Element Method Program Analysis), and soil settlement is 36.85 cm for 52 years.