Construction project failure can be caused by several factors associated with the quality of the project. The lack of quality standards of the construction method and the incompliance of quality of work in general according to the technical specification of each construction work are some of the factors associated with construction project failure. Risk is the unexpected result that might happen. Risk in a project can influence the productivity, performance, quality and the cost of a project. Even though a project has been planned smoothly, it still has the uncertainty that the project will go as planned. The goal of the research is to categorise risk factors affecting the quality of construction projects. Risk factors will be categorised using the SNI category method. The object of the research will be high rise office building projects located in the DKI Jakarta Province. Questionnaires will be distributed to 20 high rise office building projects and the analysed quantitatively. Based on the result of the categorization, 3 risk factors were categorised as high risks.