Pasir Mulya Tourism Village Sustainable Development in Bandung Regency is one of the programs of Binus Bangun Desa. Some developments have been conducted in this village such as the reconstruction of sanitation facilities of rented houses, the development of small/middle size entrepreneurship economics, and etc. This study was performed based on the discussion between the community, village officers, and the chief of the village and also the survey conducted by our team. The survey was conducted on the types of simple infrastructures and urgent needs of the village. Based on the survey it is shown that the needs of the community were trainings and assistance. The assistance were regarding the understanding of prevention acts during natural disasters such as earthquake and landslide. The trainings needed were regarding how to design a simple earthquake proof house, design and repair village roads and design water distribution system with a storage pond. This paper will present a future action plan to enhance the development and programs that have been conducted in Pasir Mulya village.