Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) is implemented to overcome problems in the management of the agricultural sector. For example, in this study, the 2 research areas had similar problems, namely the poor water supply system in which the amount of water supplied did not match the initial design. To overcome this problem, IAM implementation in these two areas focuses on Integrated Water Resource Management. The objective of this implementation is that the ratio between the amount of water distributed and the one designed is close to 1 or the same. Based on the research results shown after implementing this IAM this problem was resolved. However, Cu-Chi Irrigation Area is still experiencing problems in the financial sector because the income from the sale of water supply is still far from the initial supply price. Whereas in Papah Irrigation Area this financial problem can be resolved with the implementation of the Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) and better management of the management company. Seeing this result, this ISF system can be applied to DI Cu-Chi to overcome the imbalance problem between the costs incurred for water supply and the revenue from the sale of the water.