Electricity can’t be separated from our lives, but the limitation of electricity has caused humans to develop another innovation that can produce electricity with the eco-friendly method. The solar panel is one of the alternatives that can produce electricity without damaging the environment. In the first year of development, the solar panel is developed by Dow Chemical Company and for the first time is ready in Colorado, United States. However, the development of Solar panels and the cost for installation needs a lot of money and not everyone can afford it. But recently, there is a development from Solar Panels called Solar roof tiles.

Solar Roof Tiles is the latest innovation of tiles that can convert the sunlight to be electrical energy that can reduce the usage of electrical energy provided by the government. The tiles are made of clay as a common tile but in the middle, there is a small solar panel with the cable above the tiles that will be connected to each other in the installation. In the development, this tile has been tested with all kinds of weather. In addition, Tesla Company has joined to develop solar roof tiles as Solar Shingles with SolarCity company.


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