For over hundreds of years people keep on abusing the use of natural resources and put little to no effort on preserving the nature that they have damaged. In developed Countries, experts are trying to find alternatives that can be used to preserve and sustain the nature for a green and clean environment in the future.

Khosrow Ghavami, a professor from the University Católica do Rio de Janeiro found an alternative by using Bamboo to reinforced concrete instead of steel. In trials of tensile strength, bamboo outperforms most other materials, including reinforcement steel. It achieves this strength through its hollow, tubular structure that evolved over millennia to resist wind forces in its natural habitat. Its incredible rapid growth cycle and the variety of areas where it can grow makes it very cheap to produce and more accessible than steel. Another benefit is that it consumes large quantity of CO2 as it grows, therefore making it environmentally friendly and more sustainable for future constructions.


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