Alifni, Binusian 2024

“I am proud to be one of the students in Civil Engineering at BINUS University. In Civil Engineering, I am able to get numerous of knowledges that is needed as an engineer in the future. Not only the theory, yet during the practice we also taught in detail, surely with supportive tools that are helping me on understanding the material and able to implement it while practicing on the field.”

Rivan, Binusian 2025

“BINUS University is a proper choice for a student who is interested in engineering major. For the past year, Binus university has provided enough facilities for me to enhance my skills. Furthermore, Binus university is an excellent university with helpful teachers and handy staff.”


Audry Farrel, Binusian 2023

“In my opinion, civil engineering BINUS has a fairly appropriate curriculum for today’s construction industry because there is an opportunity for a full year of internship. The facilities at BINUS Civil Engineering are also quite adequate with the latest technology”

Desvira, 2025

“During my study in civil engineering department at BINUS, I gained a lot of experience in the academic and non-academic aspects. in civil engineering, BINUS provides good facilities and infrastructure for students so the learning process can be carried out and delivered properly. I really like the learning system at BINUS because BINUS provides many opportunities for students to learn by going directly to the field so I’m able to understand the material that is provided. The lecture on civil engineering in BINUS is also very friendly so I can feel comfortable studying in this department. Apart from that, I am also a member of the BINUS civil engineering association or it is commonly called HIMTES, at HIMTES I gained a lot of experience in organizing which later can be used to support my working field.”

Cynthia, Binusian 2024

“As a civil engineering student in BINUS, I feel that the department really facilitates its students very well and comprehensively. We can get easy access on many civil engineering webinars and competition.”