Building, construction and maintenance will always be necessary for every country. In fact the demand for Civil Engineering will therefore continuously exist around the world.

In 1998, the construction sector has been at a low level because of the monetary crisis. However, with the imminent reversal of the economy, construction activities will again be in full swing.
A particularly significant growth will occur in the provinces because of the implementation of regional autonomy.

The demand for Civil Engineers will be soaring again within a few years (Indonesian statistics), especially in some provinces, as development initiatives shift from central to regional government.
It will not only be for building contractors but also for consultants to plan and design the infrastructure and for the government employees to fill the regional public works department. Civil Engineers with computer skills will be particularly in demand because of the growing usage of computers in areas such as structural analysis and design, transportation system planning and construction management.

Employments positions open to graduates include that of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Construction Engineers, Highway Engineers, Traffic Engineer, Transportation Planner and Instructor in Civil Engineering.