Quality Control Engineer will ensure that products are designed, built, and produced in accordance with customer specifications and quality requirements.

Quality Control Responsibilities:

  • Facilitates planning and development of quality control systems for specified products or processes.
  • Collaborates with representatives from various functional groups assigned to the product or program including but not limited to design engineering, purchasing, production, manufacturing engineering, and inspection staff.
  • Collaborates with teams of engineers and product specialists to ensure customer and division quality requirements are met.
  • Reviews design, manufacturing, and testing documentation.
  • Coordinates and performs inspections of raw materials and finished products, applying appropriate quality assurance testing models.
  • Identifies the root cause of quality problems, and coordinates modifications or other corrective actions.
  • Offers technical guidance and support in response to quality testing and analysis.
  • Ensures contract compliance by reviewing and approving quality requirements for supplier purchase orders, manufacturing, and other related services.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.