HIMTES (Himpunan Teknik Sipil) is an active student group within the Civil Engineering Department organized to uphold values of excellence in academic, professional and public setting through various activities and aid in professional development through networking and educational events.


The year 1998 marked HIMTES’s humble beginnings. With only around 30 members, HIMTES started as HIMTESI. At that time, HIMTESI stood alone and only organized small internal events amongst students. Along with the development of the entire BINUS organization, HIMTESI began to gain recognition in the public’s eyes and officially changed its name to HIMTES. On 9 September 1999, the department was inaugurated officially by the Bureau of Student Affairs.

Today, HIMTES offers numerous opportunities to put student’s skills to the test and build important relationship with industry, government agencies as well as national and international professional associations. HIMTES also organized numerous events, ranging from engineering competitions, student outings, engineering festivals, community service projects and many more.


Making HIMTES an organization that can provide a sense of community, comfort and prosperity for its students. and establish a generation that is active and innovative, and able to compete on a national and international scale.


  • Build good communication between HIMTES students so that in the future the relationship between students can be well established.
  • Forming an optimistic spirit for HIMTES student members through the obstacles faced both from within and outside of HIMTES in order to advance the quality of HIMTES students.
  • Building cooperation with other organizations both on a national and international scale so that HIMTES can make HIMTES known and more widely known.

For further information, please visit HIMTES on Instagram at @himtesbinus