Publication 2019

No. Title Author Published at
1 The effect of moisture on Hot Mix Asphalt – Case of Indonesian Aggregates Adelia, Eduardi, Oki Setyandito IJEAT
2 Temperature effect on tension force of stay cable of cable-stayed Made Suangga, Hendy Candra, Irpan, Yuliastuti IJEAT
3 Dam Failure Model to Predict Inundation Hazard Map for Emergency Plan Juliastuti, Sofia Alisjahbanan, Dadang Ma’soem, Oki Setyandito, Made Suangga IJEAT
4 Vibration of Tayan Bridge’s Hanger in West Kalimantan, Indonesia Made Suangga, Prasetyo Eko Junianto IJEAT
5 Effective Communication using Visual Media to Communicate Emergency Action Plan based on Dam Failure Model Juliastuti, Ardiyan, S. Wulandari, M. Purbasari, H. Kuntjara Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Environmental Science, Society and Technology

Note: corresponding authors are written in bold